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Our Mission, Values & Strategy Plan

Our Strategy establishes how we will work towards our mission to enhance the lives of every person studying at the University of Hull. Our members defined our five member priorities.

  • My Voice
  • My Help
  • My Union Services
  • My Development
  • My World

To support the achievement of our strategy, we have a number of enabling strategies. These strategies focus on key areas that are fundamental to our success and critical to the pursuit of our vision. They are;


Our Communications

Our People

Our Future


Under each of our priorities we identified what our members would say if we were we met our aims. This is what success sounds like to us.


Theme 1: My Voice


 “I can make change”


All students have the opportunity to participate in and affect change in their University, Students’ Union and the wider community.


 “I am heard and represented”


  • Our diverse membership is reflected in the elected student body
  • We listen to and represent our members throughout their student journey
  • We are recognised as the facilitator of the student voice



Theme 2: My Help


“I can access information and resources to enable me to help myself”


  • We provide flexible advice and support mindful of our members’ unique circumstances.
  • We provide advocacy for students on key issues.
  • Our members are empowered to make informed choices and to take action on their own behalf.


“I can make positive choices about my health and wellbeing”


We promote mental and physical health and wellbeing through our services, events and products.


“My accommodation meets my needs.”


  • We will work in partnership with key stakeholders to improve accommodation quality in Hull.
  • We provide excellent, value for money accommodation services.


Theme 3: My Union Services


“Union services meet my needs.”


How will we achieve our goals?

  • We provide services that are relevant to every person studying at the University of Hull.
  • Our students are able to influence the services we provide.


 “I understand how my union works as a social enterprise”


  • Our members understand that HUU is a social enterprise.
  • We provide employment opportunities for our members to learn new skills whilst earning money
  • Our students are empowered to run events and activities in our spaces.


“The Union building meets my needs”


  • We have a strategy for the long-term development of the Union Building at centre of student life on campus.
  • Our building provides spaces for our members to meet, socialise and study
  • Our spaces are welcoming, safe and accessible for all.


“I can engage with HUU even when I’m not in the building.”


  • We have identified and provides key services which are accessible to all members, including those studying at a distance.
  • We make best use of the digital environment to provide services to members on and off campus.


Theme 4: My Development


“ I have opportunities to develop”


  • We provide students with the opportunity to develop and grow through

-       Participation (clubs, societies, volunteering and representation)

-       Earning (through internships and part-time roles)

-       Connecting (through social events and involvement in memberships services)


  • Our members understand the skills and experience they've gained from their involvement with us. 


We provide students with the opportunity to develop relationships and networks with University of Hull Alumni


 “I am recognised”


  • We celebrate the successes and achievements of our members.


Theme 5: My World


“I feel part of my local community”


  • Our diverse membership has a sense of belonging in their community.
  • We are a key stakeholder and integral part of our residential communities.
  • We offer our students a role and representative voice in community development and engagement.
  • Our local communities recognise the positive impact that students have.
  • Our members are aware of the range of activities and opportunities available in Hull.


“I feel part of a community on campus”


  • We provide an attractive, inclusive and fun welcome for our new and returning members.
  • We facilitate students creating vibrant and inclusive campus communities.








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