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Academic Issues

Issue with your academic experience? We can help.
It can be difficult to know what the best course of action is to resolve your problem. Read below our guide to find out who to go to with your concern.



Course Reps listen to feedback from all students on your course and pass this on to senior members of Univeristy staff to make relevant change.

If you have any feedback about your course or academic experience, positive or negative, you can pass it on to your Course Rep. They will attend a Student-Staff Forum to share your views, and relay any related actions or decisions made.


Feedback topics can include:


Resources: Library, IT, student support, project work, quality and availability of resources, Academic Support Tutor system, student handbooks, work placements, year abroad, NSS, employability skills


Evaluation: Learning and teaching methods, student evaluations, quality of teaching, academic policy, module evaluation


Feedback: Content and quality of programmes and modules, feedback and evaluation assessed work


Find your Course Rep and contact them here.



Hull University Union's Advice Centre can offer support with:


Workload, allegations of plagiarism, mitigating circumstances, academic misconduct, Academic Support Tutor issues, academic appeals, suspension of studies and repeat years.


Contact the Advice Centre here.



The University’s Skills Team can offer help on all aspects of academic writing – online, in workshops and during individual appointments. Workshops and Master Classes are available to everyone.


For more information and to contact the Skills Team click here.



Academic Support Tutors are members of staff from your Academic Unit. Your Academic Support Tutor is there for you to talk to about any academic problem you are experiencing, give you advice and guidance and to point you in the direction of further help, support and advice.

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