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You don’t have to be elected to make change! If you have a specific issue you’d like to address, you can set up a campaign.




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A campaign can be anything that aims to make positive change and comes in many forms including petitions, lobbying, demonstrations, public meetings, events and lots more. Campaigning is about identifying an issue, who has the power to change it and then taking action to create that change.

Campaigning is NOT raising awareness or raising money for a charitable cause. For raising money, visit RAG.

Before beginning to plan your campaign try contacting your Exec team and Liberation Officers to see what they’re working on. They might be campaigning about the same issue or be able to provide help and support. 

Remember that you can apply for funding of up to £200 for campaign resources from Hull University Union.

Need more help? Contact [email protected] Visit Membership Services on the 2nd floor of Student Central.

Alternatively, if you have an idea for change but don’t want to run a campaign, submit it through the Your Ideas scheme here.


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