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Campaigns - Apply for Funding

You can apply for up to £200 per campaign to help you create change.

Fill in the form below which will be submitted to the Union Executive Committee (UEC) who meet every 2 weeks for budget approval.

You will then be notified of their decision via the email address provided by the person completing the form. If you have any questions email [email protected] or drop in to see the Student Voice Team on the second floor of Student Central.



Campaign Name:

What is the aim of your campaign?

Why do you want to make this change?

Who do you think has the power to make the change?

Who is going to help you create the change?

How will you evaluate the impact of your campaign's outcome?

What will a successful outcome look like and how will you communicate that to the campaign’s target audience?

What are the key dates of your campaign?

What is the total amount of funds you are requesting?

Please breakdown your fund request including the item, quantity, how you will use it and what impact it will have on the campaign.


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