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Elections take place in March and by-elections take place in October every year, where you vote to elect your fellow students into the following positions ready for the next academic year. 

President of the Students’ Union 

- President of Activities 

President of Education 

President of Sports 

President of Inclusivity and Diversity 

- Part-Time Officers



ANYONE who’s currently a student at the University of Hull can nominate themselves for a position in the elections - you just have to submit a nomination online.

For each election, the website is updated with all the necessary information for you to nominate. If you have a question, we’ll provide you with any further information you need.



All registered students have the chance to vote in your elections.

Elections voting takes place online. The voting system is a transferable or preference voting system. This means that voters can rank the candidates in order of preference.

If no candidate gets at least 50% + 1 of the total votes, then the candidate with the lowest numbers is eliminated and their second preference votes are allocated to the other candidates. This process carries on until a candidate gets over 50% of the votes. So being someone’s second preference might still mean that a candidate wins their election.

Got any further questions? Email [email protected].

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