Hold Us to Account

As a student at the University of Hull, you are entitled to hold the elected President team to account. You can do this through the following methods:

  • Talk to a Student President or Part-Time Officer and ask them to explain the reasons behind any decisions they have made.
  • Read reports which outline what your Student Presidents & Part-Time Officers have done that month. If you have any questions about their reports email them or talk to them in person.
  • Attend an Accountability Panel. Councillors for Scrutiny hold your Student President Team to account on the work they have done. You can attend and ask questions.
  • Come to Union Council. You can ask your Student Presidents & Part-Time Officers questions on reports or motions. If you don’t like their answers or do not think they are doing a good job, you can ask students to vote on motions of caution, censure or no confidence against an officer, which will give them informal or formal warnings, or even remove them from their post.