Part-Time Officers

Below is a list of all our current Part-Time Officers for the 2020/21 academic year.

If you spot a vacancy that you are interested in, please email [email protected] or contact the President of the relevant Zone to find out more about the different roles available and how you could possibly be co-opted into the position at Union Council. 

Jacob Thorne Chair of Union Council
Lauren Barraclough Environment and Sustainability Officer
Mavis Sarfo Councillor for Scrutiny
Vacant Councillor for Scrutiny
Beth Stephenson LGBT+ Representative
Luciani Angel Roelofs Trans Students' Representative
Shekinah Komolafe BAME Students' Representative
Abigail Gubbins Women's Representative
Sarah Da Silva Disabled Students' Representative
Casper Nicholas Social Mobility and Class Representative
Peace Igi-Ehon Councillor for Scrutiny
Michelle Okere Councillor for Scrutiny
Holly Connolly Mature Students' Officer
Maalik Imtiaz HYMS Students' Officer
Emily Birch Postgraduate Research Students' Officer
Ovie Enuku Postgraduate Taught Students' Officer
Yipeng Zeng International Students' Officer
Vacant Part-Time Students' Officer
Shamarni Gaskins Foundation Students' Officer
Damien Ramezani Faculty Representative for Science and Engineering
Damaris Lupulesc Faculty Representative for Arts, Cultures and Education
Vacant Faculty Representative for Health Sciences
Paloma Redmond Faculty Representative for Business, Law and Politics
Josh Scott Councillor for Scrutiny
Grace Burnett Councillor for Scrutiny
Kofo Beckley Societies Mentor
Vacant Activities Zone Representative
Vacant Activities Zone Representative
Aiden Hughes Student Media Representative
Vacant HYMS Societies' Representative
Sumayah Yassin Councillor for Scrutiny
Vacant Councillor for Scrutiny
Kate Robinson AU BUCS Officer
Aisha Forster AU Non-BUCS Officer
Hebe Shepherd AU Inclusivity and Diversity Officer
Sam Mills AU Participation and Engagement Officer
Charlotte Almond AU Participation and Engagement Officer
Jenny Berthelemy Representative for Women in Sport
Vacant Representative for Disabled Students in Sport
Vacant Representative for International Students in Sport
Vacant Councillor for Scrutiny
Vacant Councillor for Scrutiny
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