Your Presidents are full-time, paid representatives whose job it to represent students’ views and strive to improve university life. Five Presidents are elected each year:


President of the Students’ Union 

President of Activities 

President of Education 

President of Sports 

President of Inclusivity and Diversity 


Each President contributes to the Union Executive Committee (UEC) by ensuring the student voice is heard by the University of Hull, the local community and on a national level.


UEC focusses on representing students and consists of Presidents who are responsible for implementing HUU’s vision, mission, values and strategy as set by the Board of Trustees.


Essentially UEC acts as the operational decision-making body for HUU. Presidents act as trustees, holding each other to account, approving small amounts of expenditure and improving the governance structures of HUU. UEC is used to support the Student Officers, increase communication across HUU and – most importantly – to represent students! When policy is passed it then goes to Union Council for approval.


Got an idea for change? Submit it through Your Ideas and if it reaches at least 10 votes in favour, it will either be assigned to one of our Student Officers to work on with you or put to a vote at Union Council.


If you have a specific issue or idea you’d like to raise, your Part-Time Officers operate across a wide of range of areas.

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