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Presidents Roles

Your Presidents are full-time, paid representatives of students at the University of Hull. As part of their role they also act as trustees of Hull University Union, taking responsibility for the strategic direction of your union, it's finances and governance.

Each President is responsible for a specific zone, supporting the Part-Time Officers in their zone to achieve their individual objectives whilst also working on joint projects.




President of the Students’ Union
Elected to lead Hull University Union and focuses on the democratic and governance structures of the organisation. The President oversees the work of the President Team and speaks on behalf of all students at the University of Hull to ensure that their voices are heard. See a full role description here

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President, Activities
Here to help you get the most out of your time at university by supporting and promoting Hull University Unions' huge range of societies, student media and RAGSee a full role description here. 

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President, Education

Your President of Education’s role is to help you with all aspects of academic life, from undergraduate to postgraduate. They’re here to offer you support and representation in a wide range of ways, including through the Academic Rep system or by lobbying the University of Hull on your behalf. See a full role description here
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President, Sports

Leads your Athletic Union and supports your 50+ sports clubs while offering you the best possible sporting opportunities at all levels. See a full role description here
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President, Inclusivity and Diversity 

The President of Inclusivity and Diversity represents students on issues of inclusivity and diversity, including being responsible for the policy, coordination and organisation of Hull University Unions' liberation representatives and relevant campaigns. See a full role description here
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