Ellis Leonard, President of Activities

Throughout my time at Hull, I immersed myself in student-led activities. From setting up and leading as President of a society, to leading as a course rep for my first and second year. I threw myself in at the deep end several times, and one of my biggest challenges and joys was rebranding Torch TV the student-led TV station!

I came to the University of Hull to study Media Studies, as the course here was wide in scope, and allowed me to experiment with creativity. I eventually settled on focusing on Film and Television, theory and production! Getting involved on the side in activities in the union really gave me a sense of purpose on campus. Torch TV was arguably my biggest achievement, and the thought of graduating and leaving it all behind didn’t feel right, I felt like I had more still to achieve!

This is when I decided to run in the elections for President of Activities. I had spent 3 years immersed heavily in them, doing various roles and truly enjoying every minute I spent. This role would allow me to continue to do the things I loved to do but on a much larger scale!! This next year fills me with excitement and fear, as anything like this should. Yet I can't wait to see what is to come and make the absolute most of every second I have.

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Ellis Leonard

President of Activities

Pronouns: He/Them