President of Inclusivity & Diversity

Evie Kyte, President of Inclusivity & Diversity

Coming from the nearby city of York, going to a University as close as Hull was something initially that I did not even consider as on the cards. Only when my Mum mentioned the unique benefits and advantages offered by Hull’s psychology course, was I persuaded to go to the open day. Despite the rainy weather, it was the best open day I attended. I loved the down to earth and friendly atmosphere and could really see myself truly at home and comfortable in the campus. It was the most genuine and authentic experience of a university I had had. Over three years later, and I am so grateful that I listened to my Mum!

Like many first-year students, I was overwhelmed by my first few weeks of university. I eventually found my firm friends through my university accommodation, course mates and grasping other opportunities, such as societies and women’s’ fitness. Like many students, I have definitely had some ups and downs, but am so grateful to my friends, and everyone who has helped me overcome obstacles and made some of the best memories.

I found psychology to have a great community atmosphere and have loved helping in various ways such as being a Peer Assisted Studies Leader and a Psychology Buddy.

I decided to run for Women’s’ representative in my second year. This was how I became friends with Phoebe Bastiani. In preparation for campaigning, I contacted her to ask about the role, as she was the Women’s’ Representative at the time. We discovered we had been in the same year group for psychology but somehow not crossed paths before.

As Women’s’ representative in my third year, I found that making friends through Hull University Students’ Union (HUSU) only continued. I felt so supported and welcomed by other students and staff members in HUSU and made close friends from my involvement in the union. I loved being a representative. This made me keen to run for the role of President of Inclusivity and Diversity to work within liberation on a larger scale.

I was humbled by being elected and am thrilled to be working along with Phoebe, Ellis, Simeon and Sian and the unique qualities that they can bring to the table. I am incredibly excited to be working with the part-time representatives in the Inclusivity and Diversity zone. I am passionate about shouting about the amazing work that you do!

As someone who aspires to work in human rights and liberation, I feel incredibly lucky to have been given this opportunity. I cannot wait to get stuck into campaigns, protests, and rallies to make the university experience better for everyone.

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Evie Kyte

President of Inclusivity & Diversity

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