Sian Doherty, President of Sport

In 2014 I was finishing my A-levels and was starting to think about university. I knew I was going to defer a year, so I was on the search for somewhere I would still want to go to after a year out from education. I had missed the open days for the University of Hull, so my Dad and I came up from my hometown of Nottingham on your average weekday and, as cringe as this sounds, as soon as I stepped on campus I knew this was where I belonged.

Jump to 2020, I have graduated with a first-class degree and I’m finishing off my masters. I have been a part of the AU since fresher’s week of my first year as I joined Netball Squad straight away. Through my time at Hull, I have held committee positions and been on the AU Executive Committee.

There is a place for everyone in the AU and sport can have such a positive impact on an individual's mental and physical health – I know it did for me. That is why I wanted to give something back. If I can help make someone’s experience at Hull better by making the AU as inclusive, accessible, and successful as it can be then I will be doing something right at least!

I’m not saying it's going to be an easy year because it won’t be. This is not going to be your average year, especially in terms of sports. I keep hearing the phrase unprecedented times and I think that it is very apt for our situation. Saying this, as an AU we are a strong and resilient unit, and we will adapt and persevere to get through this together.

Finally, I just want to say Hull is my home away from home, and I am proud to be representing our AU for the next year.

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Sian Doherty

President of Sport

Pronouns: She/Her