Part-Time Officers Elections FAQs

Expressions of Interest for the March 2020 Part Time Officer Elections are open online via Nominations opened on Wednesday 11th March at 9am and will close at 12 noon on Friday 20th March. At this stage, all you need to do is put your name forward for a role – there is no need to write your manifesto until after you have attended campaign and manifesto training. Any nominations submitted past the deadline will not be accepted so make sure you submit in plenty of time to avoid being disappointed.
Yes. All Part-Time Officer roles are part-time, unpaid voluntary positions in which you represent other students alongside your studies. If you are elected, you will receive training and support and have the opportunity to gain lots of skills and experience.

In order to run as a candidate you must submit your “Reasons for Standing” as part of your nomination by the manifesto deadline of 12 noon on Friday 27th March. This is so that students understand what you plan to achieve if elected.

You have 1500 characters (including spaces) to explain to students why they should vote for you. Try to be as concise as possible and make sure you only promise realistic goals that you can achieve when elected. You will also be asked to submit a “blurb” which appears as a tag line next to your name during voting and is 100 characters in length. You will be invited to attend a training session to help you write your manifesto in advance of the deadline.

Yes – after you have submitted your expression of interest in a Part-Time Officer role, you will be invited to complete some training session. This will include an overview of the elections process and rules, how to write an effective manifesto and how to run an election campaign.
You will be able to start campaigning from 2pm on Friday 27th March.
Candidates may spend up to £15. All candidates are entitled to a full reimbursement of their allocated budget. All candidates must keep within their budget and email all receipts to the Assistant Returning Officer by the deadline of 12 noon on Friday 3rd April.

Voting will open at 10am on Monday 30th March and close at 4pm on Thursday 2nd April. All voting takes place online at

The voting system is a transferable or preference voting system. This means that students can rank the candidates in order of preference. If no candidate gets 50% + 1 of the total votes, then the candidate with the lowest numbers is eliminated and second preference votes are allocated to other candidates. This process carries on until a candidate gets 50% + 1 of the votes. This means a second preference vote can win an election. All positions will have the option to vote for ‘RON’, which means Re-Open Nominations. If RON wins, then the election will be run again at a future date.

Results will be announced across our social media channels on the afternoon of Friday 3rd April. Celebrate by raising a toast to the winners and liking and sharing our announcement posts!

Yes, there is a set of rules that all candidates and their campaign team members must follow – you can read and download these here.

Please make sure that you read the rules carefully and adhere to them, as breaking the rules could mean you are disqualified as a candidate. If you would like clarity or guidance on any of the rules, please email [email protected] for more information.

You can find further information, including detailed role descriptions for every position, and other resources for candidates on our website here.

For any further questions, get in touch with Nicole and Elise, our Assistant Returning Officer Team, by emailing elec[email protected] or by calling 01482 466246.