Frequently Asked Questions
What is a referendum?

A referendum is the opportunity to campaign and have a vote on an issue that matters to students in Hull.

Since 2016, six referenda have been held on subjects such as updating our Articles of Association (did not meet quprum first time and passed second time); whether or not as a union we should lobby the University to abolish the Faculty Hub system (did not meet quorum); two separate referenda on whether or not we should change our governance system (did not pass both times); and whether or not we should leave the NUS (students voted yes).

How can a referendum be called at Hull University Students' Union?

There are three ways that a referendum can be called:

  • By resolution of the board of trustees
  • By a two-thirds majority vote at Union Council by elected and appointed part-time officers and representatives (any student can bring a motion to Union Council and it is officers that vote on those motions)
  • By a petition signed by at least 2.5% of members
When will voting happen?

According to Hull University Students' Union's Articles of Association (our governing documents), voting for the referendum will take place in Trimester not less than 10 working days (excluding bank holidays and weekends) and not more than 20 working days after receipt of the request, i.e. between 2-4 weeks after the request has been made.

Where will voting take place?

Voting will take place online on our website at All students at Hull who are union members are eligible to vote.

How do I find out more?

If you are thinking of calling a referendum, or would like to find out more, please email [email protected].

01482 466246