Union Council

Union Council (UC) is the core decision making body of the Union and is made up by students who were chosen in our yearly elections.

Union Councillors are part of the main democratic body of Hull University Students' Union. All Student Officers/Presidents and Standing Committees are accountable to Union Council. Union Councillors have the power to mandate change in practice and hold those responsible for decisions to account. Anything that happens in the Union is accountable to Union Council through each zone, and Union Council as a whole.

Who is part of Union Council?

Union Council membership represents a wide cross-section of the student body to ensure as many of our members as possible are involved in the decision making process. The membership of Union Council includes the following:

Members of Union Council can:

  • Scrutinise the performance and conduct of elected Officers, Trustees, the UEC, Zone Committees and all student positions elected to Union Council
  • Approve policy or review and recommend policy for referral to a referendum that has been proposed at a Union Council meeting or by the Zone Committees
  • Ratify new and updated Standing Orders
  • Issue motions of caution, censure and no confidence against individual members of Union Council

How to get involved

Stand for an election and become a member of Union Council.

All of our members (that's everyone who is a student at the University of Hull) have a right to attend Union Council. Although only those that have been elected can vote you can still get involved in the discussions. You can find out when Union Council is held below, or through keeping an eye on our social media feeds. This year, Union Council will be an online meeting through Microsoft Teams - if you would like to attend a meeting, please email [email protected] to ensure you get an invite!

Submitting a Motion

If you would like to submit a motion to Union Council please download, edit and send the below document to [email protected]. If you would like spelling and grammar checked, please ensure it is submitted two clear days before the motion deadline.

Union Council papers are circulated to Councillors a week before the meeting, hence Hull University Students' Union requesting motions to be submitted well in advance before papers are sent out.

Download the Motion Form

Union Council Dates 2021/22

Union Council Date (18.30) Deadline for Papers (12 noon)
Monday 25th October Wednesday 13th October
Monday 22nd November Wednesday 10th November
Monday 13th December Wednesday 1st December
Monday 7th February Wednesday 26th January
Monday 14th March Wednesday 2nd March
Monday 25th April Wednesday 13th April