Union Council

Union Council (UC) is the core decision making body of the Union and is made up by students who were chosen in our yearly elections.

Union Councillors are part of the main democratic body of Hull University Union. All Student Officers/Presidents and Standing Committees are accountable to Union Council. Union Councillors have the power to mandate change in practice and hold those responsible for decisions to account. Anything that happens in the Union is accountable to Union Council through each zone, and Union Council as a whole.

You can find the papers and minutes for all Union Council meetings here.


Union Council membership represents a wide cross-section of the student body to ensure as many of our members as possible are involved in the decision making process.  The membership of Union Council includes the following:

- Presidents (non voting members)

- Part-Time Officers of all five zones.


Members of Union Council can:

- Scrutinise the performance and conduct of elected Officers, Trustees, the UEC, Zone Committees and all student positions elected to Union Council.

- Approve policy or review and recommend policy for referral to a referendum that has been proposed at a Union Council meeting or by the Zone Committees.

- Ratify new and updated Standing Orders.

- Issue motions of caution, censure and no confidence against individual members of Union Council.

Stand for an election and become a member of Union Council.

All of our members (that’s everyone who is a student at the University of Hull) have a right to attend Union Council. Although only those that have been elected can vote you can still get involved in the discussions. You can find out when Union Council is held below, or through keeping an eye on our social media feeds.

If you would like to submit a motion to Union Council please download, edit and send the below document to [email protected]. If you would like spelling and grammar checked, please ensure it is submitted two clear days before the motion deadline.

Union Council papers are circulated to Councillors a week before the meeting, hence Hull University Union requesting motions to be submitted well in advance before papers are sent out.

Download the Motion Form.

Deadline for Papers 

(12 noon)

Meeting Date

Wednesday 9th October

Monday 21st October

Wednesday 6th November

Monday 18th November

Wednesday 27th November

Monday 9th December

Wednesday 22nd January

Monday 3rd February

Wednesday 26th February

Monday 9th March

Wednesday 8th April Monday 20th April


Motions passed by Union Council in 2019/20

M.1920 - 1 Motion to update the Bye-Laws

M. 1920 - 2 Motion to ratify new Standing Order 8009 governing Student Committee elections

M.1920 - 3 Motion to move the Zero Tolerance policy from Union Council policy to charity policy

M. 1920 - 4 Motion to temporarily move accountability of Presidents to zone meetings

M. 1920 - 5 Motion to improve consent training

M. 1920 - 6 Motion to introduce sharps bins on campus

M. 1920 - 8 Motion to lobby the University to eradicate additional costs and offer a bursary

M. 1920 - 9 Motion to make HUU elections more environmentally friendly

M. 1920 - 10 Motion to designate toilets as campaign-free zones

M. 1920 - 12 Motion to update standing order 2008 - RAG

M. 1920 - 13 Motion to update the Alcohol and Initiations Policy

M. 1920 - 14 Motion to lobby the University to update Mental Health training for staff

M. 1920 - 15 Motion to lobby the University to provide genderless toilets in every building

M. 1920 - 16 Motion to introduce more water bottle refill stations (passed with 3 amendments)

M. 1920 - 17 Motion to oppose increasing the price of the annual Sports Pass

M. 1920 - 18 Motion to change the name of Environment and Ethics Representative to Environment and Sustainability Officer (passed with 1 amendment)

M. 1920 - 19 Motion to create a Team GB student panel (passed with 1 amendment)

M. 1920 - 21 Motion to change Hull University Union's brand to Hull University Students' Union (passed with 1 amendment)

M. 1920 - 22 Motion to change the Governance Zone to Union Development Zone

M. 1920 - 23 Motion to create a standing order for accountability of Zones, Union Council and the Union Executive Committee (passed with 1 amendment)

M. 1920 - 24 Motion to revoke standing orders related to RAG, Hullfire Newspaper, JAM Radio, Torch TV and LINKS (passed with 1 amendment)

M. 1920 - 25 Motion to revoke the Breastfeeding Policy (passed with 1 amendment)

M. 1920 - 26 Motion to lobby the University to change the default search engine to Ecosia (passed with 1 amendment)

M. 1920 - 29 Motion to introduce Wellbeing Advocates to student groups

M. 1920 - 31 Motion to update SO 8009 governing student committee elections




Motions passed by Union Council in 2018/19

M.1819 - 1 Motion to make Trans Rep union-wide

M.1819 - 2 Motion to update Standing Order

M.1819 - 3 Motion to reduce Society ratification number of members

M.1819 - 4 Motion to update the Structure  Responsibilities of the SEC

M.1819 - 5 Motion to amend SO 4002 to allow co-AU exec positions

M.1819 - 6 Motion to make HUU Living Wage Employer

M.1819 - 9 Motion to amend SO 5005 Governing the LGBT Committee

M.1819 - 10 Opposing re-naming of Larkin Lecture Theatre

M.1819 - 11 Motion to add a new role to the Education Zone HYMS Part-Time Officer

M.1819 - 12 Foundation Year Student Officer

M.1819 - 13 Motion to move the power of ratifying Societies from Union Council to Societies Council

M.1819 - 15 Motion to add a HYMS Society Representative position to the Activities Zone

M.1819 - 16 Motion to issue statement for Grace Millane

M.1819 - 17 Motion to create a separate Part Time Officer role for Chair of Union Council

M.1819 - 18 Motion to relocate LINKS to Activities Zone

M.1819 - 19 Motion to remove committees from Inclusivity and Diversity Zone

M.1819 - 20 Motion to centralise Inclusivity and Diversity budgets

M.1819 - 21 Motion to relocate Environment and Ethics to Governance Zone

M.1819 - 22 Motion to change Inclusivity and Diversity Zone Part Time Officer titles from Officers to Representatives

M.1819 -23 Motion to ratify SO 4002 and amend SO 4004

M.1819 – 24 A Motion to further update the role, responsibilities & election procedure of the Societies Executive Committee (SEC)


M.1819 – 25 A motion to update the election procedures for the Heads of Media for JAM Radio and The Hullfire.


M.1819 – 26 Motion for Union Council to petition for graduation venue (including all amendments)


M.1819 – 27 Motion to amend the standing order for LINKS

M.1819 – 28 Motion for greater variety of healthy food options


M. 1819 – 31 Motion to create Social Mobility & Class Representative


M. 1819 – 32 Motion to bring a formalised pronouns policy to Zone meetings and Union Council


M. 1819 – 33 Motion to create Activities Zone Publicity Co-ordinator


M. 1819 – 34 Motion for Education Zone Changes


M. 1819 – 35 Motion to standardise President Reports


M. 1819 – 36 Motion to reform PTO scrutiny


M. 1819 – 37 Motion to create Scrutiny Panels

Motions passed by Union Council in 2017/18

M.1718-1 Motion to move the Environment & Ethics Officer to the Welfare & Community Zone

M.1718-2 Motion to introduce environmental impact forms for events (passed with one amendment)

M.1718-3 Motion to change the recruitment process for School and Faculty Representatives (passed with several amendments)

M.1718-4 Motion to amend Standing Order 8012 Governing the Discipline of HUU Members

M.1718-6 Motion to amend Standing Order 8005 Governing the Union Executive Committee

M.1718-8 Motion to amend the AU Club Constitution in regards to the submission of yearly budgets

M.1718-9 Motion to amend SO 4002 in regards to the AU Executive Committee (Passed with one amendment)

M.1718-10 Motion to amend SOs 1001, 2001, 3001, 4001, and 5001 relating to the Student Officers

M.1718-11 Motion to remove HUU’s No Platform Policy

M.1718-12 Motion about Students and Brexit (Passed with two amendments)

Motions passed by Union Council in 2016/17

M.1617-1 Motion to change the name of “Academic Council” to “Course Rep Forum”

M.1617-2 Motion to change SO 2006 (Hullfire Newspaper) (passed with one amendment)

M.1617-3 Motion to change SO 2007 (Hullfire Radio) (passed with one amendment)

M.1617-4 Motion to implement the HUU Equality & Diversity Policy (passed with two amendments)

M.1617-5 Motion to update the HUU Student Event External Speaker Policy

M.1617-7 Motion to change the committee positions of the Disabled Students Committee

M.1617-8 Motion to change the role of BAME representative to Equality and Diversity representative on the LGBT+ committee(passed with one amendment)

M.1617-9 Motion to update the HUU Student Event External Speaker Policy (passed with one amendment)

M.1617-10 Motion to vote in the NUS National Ballot to risk and equality impact assess before a boycott of the National Student Survey

M.1617-11 Motion to update Standing Orders 8001 and 8002 relating to Elections and Referenda

M.1617-12 Motion to remove the position of Campaigns & Democracy Officer (SO 1005)

M.1617-13 Motion to remove the position of Chair Media (SO 2010) (passed with one amendment)

M.1617-14 Motion to amend SO 5004 (LINKS)

M.1617-15 Motion to amend the Bye-Laws and remove Standing Orders 6001-6010

M.1617-16 Motion to lobby the University to increase space for student activities (passed with one amendment)

M.1617-17 Motion to prevent future use of live reindeer at HUU Christmas events

M.1617-18 Motion to mandate Union Council members to have compulsory engagement time

M.1617-19 Motion to update the HUU Student Event External Speaker Policy

M.1617-20 Motion to change the Bye-Laws to enable zone committees to approve Standing Order changes that only affect that zone

M.1617-21 Motion to amend SO 8007 Complaints Procedure

M.1617-22 Motion to amend SO 4002 Sports Zone (passed with one amendment)

M.1617-23 Motion to give the Trans Representative on the LGBT+ Committee a vote on Union Council and on the Welfare and Community Zone

M.1617-24 Motion to amend SOs 1001, 2001, 3001, 4001, and 5001 relating to the Student Officers (passed with one amendment)

M.1617-25 Motion to allow members of Union Council to vote via proxy at Union Council (passed with one amendment)

M.1617-26 Motion to amend SO 2008 RAG

M.1617-27 Motion to remove the Course Rep Forum Representative positions

M.1617-28 Motion to change the name of Hullfire Radio to Jam Radio (SO 2007) (approved by circulation)

Motions passed by Union Council in 2015/16

M.1516-1 Motion to Create the position of Scarborough Equality & Diversity Officer

M.1516-2 Motion to Remove the Advice Centre Volunteer Committee

M.1516-3 Motion to Change the name of part-time positions in all zones from Chair to Officer (except Activities Zone)

M.1516-4 Motion to amend SO 3004 to create the positions of Postgraduate Taught Officer and Postgraduate Research Officer

M.1516-5 Motion to amend SO 5007 to replace the position of Social Secretary with Mental Health Rep


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