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Hull University Students' Union (HUSU) Complaints Form

We try really hard to make your experience as positive as possible, but we know there will always be situations and topics that need to be raised and we invite you to keep us informed of any area you think we could improve.

HUSU will respond fairly and consistently to concerns raised through this platform by following our Complaint's Policy. Complaints raised involving the behaviour of student members on HUSU Licenced premises or at HUSU events or who are members of our student groups will normally be addressed through HUSU Disciplinary Policy.

Informal Resolution

Hull University Students' Union seeks to encourage informal resolution of complaints where possible. If you have not sought informal resolution support regarding your concerns, you do not need to complete this form. Concerns should first be raised with either a member of staff or a Student President responsible for the area in question who can support you in dealing with conflict and arrange mediation if required. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of this stage, you may progress and submit a formal complaint for investigation.

Please note: HUSU will assume you have obtained consent in naming your witnesses and you will be expected to contact them and obtain statements and/or evidence in support of your complaint. Any information they provide will be shared with the person/s you are complaining about in order that they can respond to the allegations being made against them.

Please note: Evidence or information uploaded may be shared with the person you are complaining about in order that they can respond to the allegations being made against them. If you are uploading screenshots of private conversations it is your responsibility to have obtained permission and/or to redact any personal data before you share this information with HUSU.

Supported file types: JPEG, PNG, GIF Maximum number of files: 3 Maximum size per file: 10MB

Complaints will be considered on a case by case basis and normally within six months of a concern or dissatisfaction. (All CCTV at HUSU is only available for 30 days)

Please find our official Complaints Procedure documentation here .

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