Adopt a Project

Want to volunteer? Then why not adopt a project?

We have positions available for project leaders on some of our fantastic student-led projects volunteering in the community.

Whether you are a born leader or wanting to develop your leadership skills, we have some great projects to get involved in.

Working alongside the RSPCA rescue centre on Clough Road, this project helps to raise awareness of animal cruelty and help with the rescued animals at the shelter. They help with fundraising events which goes directly to the centre. This role is flexible, however you can arrange set hours to help with the animals at the centre.

Ground is a really popular volunteering project and last year they ran a successful Willow tree planting project. Volunteers cut and prepared the willow cuttings at the Newland Allotment site, and then the day after went to plant the willow trees on a piece of land near a local estate in order to benefit its residents for years to come.

The volunteers set up 10 rows of trees and now their legacy can be seen there for years. Hopefully, they can return in 20 years to see how the trees have grown and to see what difference it has made to the local community, as well as see how their positive effort has helped to improve the environment.

Full training and support will be provided as well as funding to cover costs on your project. You will be given the opportunity to develop yourself and gain a first aid certificate and safeguarding certificate which look great on your CV and will be invited to join the Employability awards where you can gain further skills qualifications relating to your volunteering role and demonstrate the skills you are gaining.

You will also be eligible to apply for the Derek Forster Bursary of £575.00 which is awarded each year to a HUSSO volunteer.

If you are interested in developing yourself and your team of volunteers by doing something amazing then contact [email protected]

Volunteering Coordinator
01482 466295