We want you to be able to develop your ideas, reach your potential and achieve some amazing things. Some ways we can help you do this are as follows:


Boost is a crowdfunding platform, developed in partnership with the University of Hull, which gives you the opportunity to fundraise for great ideas. We encourage you to use the Boost website to promote your creative proposal to friends, family, alumni and fellow students who, by donating, will bring your project to life.

Crowdfunding is sponsorship by individual donors, which collectively aims to reach one goal or target. It's basically giving people, who would love to see your project succeed, the opportunity to help you out and get involved.

Donors may make a donation in return for a small reward like a personal thank you or a shoutout on social media; they might want something bigger like an invitation to an event or regular project updates.

Crowdfunding whilst you're at University has the added bonus of people already backing you and wanting you to succeed – alumni, staff, fellow students, researchers or friends and family.

Boost Crowdfunding is open to all constituted Hull University Students' Union student activity groups. This includes ratified sports teams and societies, student media, LINKS and RAG.

All you need is an idea. Got one? Brilliant - let’s take the next step.

For your project to become a Boost Crowdfunding Project you must have a clear goal and be able to explain how you will spend the funds you raise. We run regular workshops to help you develop your ideas into projects. We will offer you support from the very start – right through to the time your project is successfully funded.

Visit the Boost website for a huge range of resources to help you achieve success.


We encourage activity groups to approach businesses and organisations for support and sponsorship. Get in touch if you're eligible and you want to know how we can help you with this.

This is funding that comes from society membership subscriptions. All societies can apply for financial assistance with events, trips, equipment and other costs. The societies grant is a transparent process administered by the Societies Executive Committee. You can apply and find out more here .

This funding is available to help finance coaching for Hull University Union BUCS & non-BUCS sports teams, to improve the quality of coaching within the AU, improving performance and supporting team development.

This funding is available to help finance and improve the running of Hull University Union non-BUCS sports teams with the aim of improving performance, enabling clubs to fulfil their non-BUCS ambitions.

Sporting Excellence Clubs is a programme delivered by Campus Sport offering support for Athletic Union clubs that provides a development pathway for students to progress from recreational level all the way through to county and international level.

The Talented Athlete Programme (TAP) is funded by Campus Sport to support elite athletes during their time at University. Athletes receive a tailored package of core services such as; strength and conditioning, rehab and sport experience support.

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