Leading your Union

We're a student-led organisation and offer you loads of unique volunteer opportunities that will benefit you endlessly, both personally and professionally.

This could be running a community project, leading a sports team or society, representing students on your course, producing a radio show or providing first aid cover at our events (just to name a few!). The best part is, unlike many other volunteering opportunities, we'll sort out all the behind the scenes stuff; just tell us what you're interested in and we'll get you started. Whatever you choose, you'll develop some amazing skills, meet like minded people and boost your graduate employability.

A volunteering role will enhance your:

Personal Development

Volunteering through your students union is an exciting challenge. The opportunities we can offer you might be something you've never done before, something you've always wanted to do or it might give you the chance to develop your already fantastic skills. From organising events for hundreds of people to speaking up on behalf of thousands of students, your personal development and self-confidence will rocket – the sky's the limit.


The opportunities available provide skills and experiences that are highly valued by graduate employers. It also demonstrates to employers that you're willing to put it in the graft, you're engaged and connected with your university and ready to seize opportunities when they're there for the taking.

Student Experience

As well as personal development, this really can improve your student experience as a whole. You'll meet loads of people (student and staff) that have the same interests as you, as well as feeling like you're getting the most out of your time at university. This service is here specifically for you – make the most out of it.


You'll develop your skills whilst having a huge, positive impact on the lives of your fellow students or people in the local, national and even the international community. It's a good way to feel good. What's not to like about that?

Meet our Volunteers

Meet students who have volunteered with us and hear their stories.

Student Opportunities Manager