Suicide Awareness Course

Date Venue Price
Monday 23rd November 2020, 12:00 am No Venue N/A

Aims of the training:

This session is a virtual suicide awareness session that helps participants understand the issue of suicide and how they can help to prevent it in their communities. This session has been arranged in partnership between Hull University Students' Union and the University Wellbeing Team. 

The training is split over two days, but you can engage with the material each day at a time that suits you. 


  • Consider your attitude towards suicide
  • Understand the different levels of creating a suicide safer community
  • Know what the recent statistics are and the challenges in recording deaths by suicide
  • Explore why we should talk about suicide
  • Understand why we avoid talking about suicide

Day 1 should take between 60 to 90 mins to complete. 

DAY 2 - (content will open automatically on day 2 if all the requirements have been met for Day 1)

  • Understand the myths and facts that surround suicide
  • Know why we need to talk openly and directly about suicide
  • Know where to find further help and support
  • Consider further training to be a suicide alert helper

Day 2 should take between 60 to 90 mins to complete.


A link will be sent to you via your University email address on Friday 20th November, you will be enrolled onto the canvas course and you will receive a welcome notification. Tickets will be live from Monday 9th November and will go off sale on Friday 20th November at 9am.