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12 Days of ‘Titmas’

Guest blog from the amazing Hull Uni Boob Team!

University of Hull's '12 Days of Titmas' Challenge!

 The Uni Boob Team are gearing up for a boobtastic holiday season. For us, the best way to spread Christmas cheer and joy is shouting loudly and proudly about boob love and the importance of checking them regularly, for all to hear. DON'T HAVE A RACK ATTACK, we are here to help:

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to complete each of the 12 challenges below before the 13th of December at 23:59 - the order that you complete the challenges is up to you. All photo evidence of challenge completion should be uploaded to Instagram by tagging us @hulluniubt and hashtagging #hutitmas so we can spread our message further. The winners will be decided by our panel of experts (aka the Hull Uni Boob Team) and will be announced on the 14th of December, on our social media platforms. Should you win, as well as being overcome with boob pride, you will also receive a prize for your efforts! Criteria for being worthy winners includes creativity, adventurousness and most importantly truly embracing Coppafeel!'s boob-checking message.

If you are feeling even more festive you can  donate to a wonderful cause. Click here to donate - checking boobs could literally save someone's life. If you have any queries or want to join in, get in touch with us at [email protected]

Lots of Boob love,  Hull's Uni Boob Team x

DAY 1: Snap a photo (with friends, as a society or by yourself) donning a bra over your clothing in a public place.  BONUS POINTS FOR CREATIVE LOCATIONS.

DAY 2: Make a boob check reminder of any shape or form ( text 'UBT HUL' to 70500) and make sure you have signed up.

DAY 3: Get as many people as possible to sign up to the reminder service.

DAY 4: Hang a shower hanger in a creative location (found in SU toilets)

DAY 5: Photo/ Video evidence of saying or shouting "BOOB CHECK TIME" in a public area.

DAY 6: Bring the boob message to a lecture or seminar.

DAY 7: Get a lecturer/ member of Staff involved with the boob spreading message.

DAY 8: Create your own "I check my Pecs/boobs" board and photograph people holding it and place it in different locations.

DAY 9: Photograph a 'boob looking' food/item around campus.

DAY  10: Come up with a fun and boob slogan - our favourites include "Check your buns, Hun" and "Hakuna your tatas"

DAY 11: Follow us on Instagram and like our Facebook page (@hulluniubt and 'Hull Uni Boob Team')

DAY 12: Have a photo copping-a-feel of your own boobs/pecs (could do with friends, societies - the more the merrier)

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