Abi - Trimester One Wins

December 23, 2019

Written by Abi

SHAG Week 

We had our first SHAG (sexual health awareness and guidance) week of the year this trimester. This involved Mesmac being on campus every day providing free STI tests to all students. This also involved running the usual competition that gives clubs and societies the opportunity to win some money for their clubs. This year, we introduced an additional new prize alongside the prize for the club who get the highest percentage of their members tested. This came from feedback given from students of large clubs expressing their frustration - we had a second £75 prize for the group who had the highest amount of members tested. We had a total of 334 people tested, with 87 students not belonging to a club or society. During the week, we also produced two podcasts with Torch TV. This involved me talking to someone from Mesmac about the importance of sexual health in general, and sexual health for the LGBT Community. 


This trimester I have done a lot of work on safety. This started with the Safe Campus Cards I worked on over summer with Isobel that were given out at any opportunity, especially in WelcomeFest. These were buisness card size, with useful and important telephone numbers on them including emergency services and campus specific numbers. Since then, I have also put on two sessions of signposting training aimed at committee members to help pass on information to their members about keeping themselves safe. Finally, I have been working with Evie the Women’s Rep on sexual assault and female safety in particular. This involved hosting a Reclaim The Night March to stand against violence against women, and have also began looking at how we can implement consent training to new students. 


Finally, this trimester has been full of all things equality and diversity. I have been having regular meetings with the University about EDI and how we are progressing towards being an inclusive campus. I have also been working with my part-time officers on specific projects to do with inclusion, such as Black History Month with Ano and Trans Awareness Week with Hannah, in which we managed to get the university to buy and fly the transgender flag throughout the week. Moving forward, I have plans to work with Chloe on making our weekly newsletter more accessible for those with SPLD's, and continuing to work with Hannah on issue for the trans community.

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