BAME Attainment Gap

October 1, 2019

Written by Simeon.

All views are Simeon’s.


In May 2018, a joint report was published by the Universities UK regarding the BAME Attainment Gap. The report shows that the chances of students from BAME (Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority) backgrounds graduating with a first-class or upper second class degree were 13% less than that of their White peers, with the largest attainment gap between Black and White students.

Studies by the Institute of Student Employers (ISE) found that two-thirds of graduate recruiters set an upper second class classification as a minimum requirement for a graduate job. These disparities in awarding degrees have the potential for long-term impacts on the lives of BAME students after graduation. The consequences of leaving this unresolved span beyond just the years spent trying to get Higher Education.

It is imperative as a Students’ Union, that we come together to see what the issues might be on our campus. I am launching a campaign to close the BAME attainment at the University of Hull. As part of this, I will be holding focus groups aimed at getting BAME students to have a safe space to come and talk about their experiences and how they think the University can improve. We believe that these discussions will help in finding solutions. The focus groups are scheduled for the Tuesday 8 October and all BAME students are welcomed.

To kick this off, I have published a survey asking about the experiences of BAME students, but you this does not mean have to identify as BAME to complete the survey. All you need is a story about BAME students that you would like to share. The survey can be found here.

While I urge you all to partake in the Black History Month’s events and other positive activities you may choose to join in with, I also encourage you to come along on this journey and work together. We want to ensure that our University community and system is not just one that offers equal opportunities for students, but one that is equitable, diverse and truly inclusive. #EqualityAndEquity