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Posted 25 June 2020
Ano, HUSU BAME Rep, announces the new BAME Campaign Network
Ano, HUSU BAME Rep, announces the new BAME Campaign Network

Written by Ano, Hull University Students' Union BAME Rep


There are many issues that BAME students face. For example, the racial inequalities experienced by BAME students in UK universities are, therefore, a continuation of those experienced by BAME communities in all aspects of public and private life in the UK (Office for students 2018).

Currently, there is only one BAME representative who listens to BAME students and campaigns based on their feedback. However, engagement with BAME students has not always been the best and in order to make the necessary changes to our world we have to engage more with the platforms given to us. Therefore, we wanted to set up a BAME Campaign Network.

The BAME Campaign Network will give you the opportunity to make the changes on issues you care about. You can campaign for changes within the Union, the University and wider society in your own time so there is no pressure to achieve. It’s a great opportunity to get some vital experience campaigning and also volunteering experience!


This group is open to any BAME student with a passion for change so if you want to get involved you can register your interest here.

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