Black History Month: Importance of BHM

Posted 7 October 2019
BAME officer shares importance of Black History Month

Written by Anotidaishe.

All views are Anotidaishe’s.


Hi, I’m Ano the current BAME officer at the University of Hull and this month marks an important acknowledgment of Black history here in the UK. It’s already the second week of black history month and we’ve already had the likes of Lenny Henry at our campus sharing his experiences as a black writer, comedian and actor in the UK and it made me think personally, what does black history month mean to me? Black History Month means different things for different people. Some like the idea and equally, there are those who don’t like the idea of having only a month dedicated to black history.

In my personal experience, black history month is important for more than one reason, it helps to take stock of the progress that has been made and what still needs to be done. Reflecting on the past helps to shape our future, black history month is about the past, present and future. Simply put black history month helps to educate and raise awareness of certain issues, it also empowers and equips black communities to discuss certain issues. Looking ahead at what has been planned both within the city and on campus it promises to be an inspiring time.

As an immigrant, born in Zimbabwe that grew up here in the UK black history month has always seemed so distant to me. In recent years I have become more acquainted with black history even walking around the University Library and seeing those of black ethnicity who studied at this University and thrived shows me how little of regional black history that many may not know, including me. Sometimes we focus on big figures of black history, forgetting that there is a world of black history that has been forgotten about and that is largely untapped. Celebrating achievements within the black community is something that has inspired me very much. We should all As Black History Month continues here are my top tips for making the most out of Black History Month 2019. 

1.) There are several talks and exhibitions both by the University and within the City of Hull find an area that will interest you and go along to it 

2.) Use the month to educate yourself on Black History, read a new book, visit a museum, watch a documentary, visit the library 

3.) Make sure to go on the Hull Student Union's FaceBook to check out some of the great events we have throughout this month

4.) Share your experience, start a conversation, help to educate someone, just get involved! Obviously, this is not an exhaustive list of tips, but I believe this is a start and remember we are a part of tomorrow's history, what we do today has a big impact on that. I hope you enjoy the rest of Black History Month 2019

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