Your President Meets with Diana Johnson MP

August 22, 2019

Written by Isobel. 

All views are Isobel's. 


Last week I met with our local MP (for Hull North), Diana Johnson. As many of you know making sure that I represent University of Hull students on a national level is one my key priorities this year. The main purpose of the meeting was to raise the issue around funding for University of Hull healthcare students, amongst other issues.


Funding for Healthcare Students:

Currently, healthcare students experience huge financial pressures such as travel and parking expenses. Due to expenses like this, there is a lot of feedback and evidence to suggest that they are disadvantaged by Student Finance.


After speaking with Diana, she suggested we write a joint letter on the issue to the Chair of NHS Improvement, Dido Harding, and reach out to the Royal College of Nursing with the aim of working collaboratively to tackle this. 


Diana also sits on the Health and Social Care Committee, which can really help us with achieving our campaign aims. It shows that we are talking to the right people who can help and we are tackling issues that are recognised as a problem. 


Augar Review:

I shared the progress we have made on the Foundation Year Funding Campaign and the Augar Review in general. I have sent Diana the blog posts on the Augar Review and foundation funding, as well as the letter I have written to Jo Johnson.


Climate Emergency:

Another campaign I am currently working on is declaring a climate emergency. I have now been invited, as a representative of the University of Hull, to an All-Party Parliamentary Group Meeting about being carbon neutral where I can move this agenda further forward.


Student Safety:

I was asked about student’s thoughts about student safety, as Diana had come from a meeting with the University which touched on the subject. I shared projects the Students’ Union are introducing for the upcoming academic year (the Night Bus and Safe Community Cards) and spoke about safety off-campus, which I highlighted should be a priority.


Student Electoral Registration/Parliament Week:

We spoke about students being signed up on the electoral register. We are both keen for University of Hull students to be represented accurately and for students to know they can influence politics, regardless of party. 

The Office for Students requires that universities cooperate with electoral registration offices in England, to enable the electoral registration of students who are on higher education course. I am going to look further into what the University of Hull operates and how informed students are about the process. 

I am also excited that Parliament Week is coming up in November – the week focuses on starting up a conversation with the UK Parliament. It works really well with my aim to ensure University of Hull student voices are heard on a national level.