President of Inclusivity and Diversity trimester one wins

Posted 4 January 2021
Evie tells us about her achievements in trimester one and her plans for the rest of the year.
Evie tells us about her achievements in trimester one and her plans for the rest of the year.

So, what have I actually done this trimester? (June 2020-December 2020)

I was elected into this role in March 2020, just before COVID-19 restrictions and lockdown came into place. I started the role at the end of June 2020, and since have been working mainly remotely, with a small number of in person socially distanced events/activities in September and October.

So what have I actually campaigned for?

My campaigns:

Black, Asian and Minority Ethnicity Mental Health Campaign

June- September 2020

  • Researched local and national support for mental health
  • Contacted other Student Unions to find out what initiatives they has used to address unique issues that Black Asian and Minority Ethnicity Students face when seeking mental health care.

October- November 2020

  • Released BAME Mental health survey to see what you want to change in Hull
  • Held BAME Mental health open forums for students to talk about lived experience and what they want to change.


November-December 2020

  • When the survey results showed many students were uncomfortable with the term, BAME and wanted to focus on specific problems faced by specific ethnicities, I changed going forwards with the campaign.
  • I held mental health forums focusing on specific communities e.g. a black students’ mental health forum, Asian students’ mental health forum.


Black Asian and Minority Ethnicity Representation Consultation

I am keen to make sure that we are using the words and representation that you want. This campaign is about seeing how students feel about the use of the term BAME, the representation of having a single BAME representative, and what we can do going forwards

November - December 2020

  • Set up student group to consult on this.
  • Researched representation in other Students’ Unions.

This Ends Now (#TEN)

Only one in ten women that experience sexual assault or rape report it to their university or police. We want to change this. I have been working on this campaign alongside Phoebe.

June 2020 - July 2020

  • Contact other student unions to find out about their consent content.
  • Held open forum for student views on the consent content.

August - November 2020

  • Wrote up consent content
  • Sexual Violence task and finish with university created to discuss how we can better support victims of sexual violence.
  • Held Reclaim the Night on 21st November to protest.

December 2020

  • Consent content is finished and is going to be uploaded to MyJourney for all students to access in 2021!


Student campaigns and activities I have supported

  • HUSU’s very first Disability History Month 18th November- 18th December 2020! ( I worked on this alongside Sarah, Disabled Students’ representative)
  • Campaign for mandatory closed captioning and transcripts on audio content (I worked on this alongside, Social Mobility and Class Representative, Cas.)


What’s next for 2021? (Jan 2021- June 2021)

Black Asian and Ethnic Minority Mental Health

January 2021

  • Pull together recommendations from results from open forums and surveys.


February 2021

  • Present recommendations to student services at the University.

March-June 2021

  • Work with the university to act on recommendations from the report.


Black Asian and Minority Ethnicity Representation Consultation

Jan- March 2021

  • Meet with consultation group to discuss priorities and ideas for the term BAME, and representation of these students.

April 2021 onwards

  • Take forward recommendations to 2022 Part-time officer elections


This Ends Now

Jan- June 2021

  • Consent training available on MyJourney
  • Continue This Ends Now Action groups.
  • Continue Sexual Violence task and finish group with the university.
  • Hold in person Reclaim the night (When safe to do so)
  • Share pledge for ending sexual assault that all students can sign.
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