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FAQ’s about being an Academic Rep!

FAQs about being an Academic Rep

A blog post from Isobel...

"So, you heard about these mysterious Academic Reps, but who are they really? They sound like an interesting bunch to get involved with, but what do they actually do? You think you might like to sign-up, but how do you do that? Fear not! Here is my top list of Frequently Asked Questions about being an Academic Rep! If I still haven’t convinced you by the end or you have any more questions, drop me a line on [email protected] or message me on Facebook here.

1. What is an Academic Rep?

Academic Reps are wonderful human beings who devote a couple of hours of their time each week to improving the academic experience for those students on their course. They are student leaders and gather feedback from their fellow students about any issues, concerns, and any positive or negative comments which they then pass on to University staff to help solve them. They are proud representatives and belong to the Education Zone at Hull University Union with the President of Education.

2. Why is it important?

Each and every individual student at this University is massively important and therefore it is important we represent you and make your time at University count. On top of the £9,000 tuition fees you pay to be here, we actively work to ensure you are getting the best and most from your University course.

3. What is expected of an Academic Rep?

It is expected that you devote 1 -2 hours of time per week to volunteer for this role. This will include training, attending Student-Staff Forums, Course Rep Forums and talking to students and staff.

4. What are the personal benefits of being an Academic Rep?

Not only are you improving your own academic experience and doing positive work for other students by being part of one of the largest communities on campus, but you are developing yourself at the same time. From networking with academic professionals, taking part in wider institutional and national discussions, to developing skills through the role and special training opportunities, being an Academic Rep has many benefits. To top it off, you will receive an Academic Rep Certificate to show off all your amazing achievements and successes, this can be massively useful to add to your LinkedIn profile or C.V.

5. I don't have a lot of extra time to commit to being a Course Rep, can I still sign-up?

We recognise that as students, degree work can be demanding and for those who fit other commitments such as jobs and family, taking on any extra responsibility can be difficult. However, being an Academic Rep only takes approximately 1 - 2 hours per week, including meetings and we are happy to be flexible to ensure you get the most out of this role for you.

6. How do I sign-up?

To join our fast growing community of student Academic Reps, sign-up today at Fill out a short form to tell us a little more about yourself and why you want to do the role and we will send you for Academic Rep training!

They were my top 6 Frequently Asked Questions! Interested in being an Academic Rep?

Don’t delay and sign-up today as nominations will be closing very shortly. I look forward to welcoming you to our amazing Academic Rep community. Any questions about the role, email [email protected] or message on Facebook here.

Thanks for reading!"

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