FAQs regarding the education zone

March 17, 2020

We understand that this might be a distressing time for our members. We hope the below FAQ document will provide some clarity regarding the ongoing COVID-19 situation.


What happens with Academic Representation during this time?

Academic Representation continues and Hull University Union continues to support the academic needs of students during this time. Course Reps still have an important role to play, so, if you have any concern or feedback, please to pass it to them.


How do I contact my Course Rep?

To find out who your Course Rep is, click here.


What would happen to the Education Zone Open meetings?

Education Zone Open Meetings will not be taking place physically during this time. However, Simeon will be engaging the Course Rep community via Canvas and doing his usual updates via social media and blogs our website.


Will Student Staff Forums (SSFs) still happen?

We are currently in communication with the University - we will communicate this with you soon as we know what this would look like. In the meantime, SSFs may be cancelled, postponed or take place online.


I am a Course Rep. Where do I go to for support?

If you are Course Rep and unsure of what to do during this time, please email [email protected]


We recognise this is a tough time for everyone so if you have any concerns or queries about COVID-19 please contact the University’s Action Line on 01482 464020 or [email protected], or visit the University of Hull’s website.

If you have any questions or queries regarding Union events, please refer them to the relevant zones below:


President of the Students’ Union: [email protected]

President of Inclusivity and Diversity: [email protected]

President of Education: [email protected]

President of Sport: [email protected]


For any activity related issues, contact: [email protected]