Hull students fundraise for vital mental health training

May 1, 2020


Students involved with Hull University Students’ Union’s award-winning Appropriate Adult project are fundraising to cover the costs of vital mental health training.

The Appropriate Adult Scheme, which is facilitated by Hull University Students' Union and Hull University Social Services Organisation (HUSSO) but led by students, works alongside the Police and Crime Commissioner’s Office and allows students to act as Appropriate Adults when needed by Humberside Police.

The role of an Appropriate Adult is to be present in interviews with a vulnerable adult who is being questioned by police to protect their interests, support and advise them.

The students, who already have extensive training in adult safeguarding, are attempting to raise £3,400 to cover the cost of Mental Health First Aid training for 16 students, which will provide vital skills that will help them to further carry out their duties and make a difference.

The HUSSO Appropriate Adult scheme is the first of its kind to be led by a students’ union in the UK. With no legal legislation to send appropriate adults to vulnerable adult detainees, vulnerable adults are often overlooked and don’t receive the support that they need. Recognising this gap, the project leaders worked with the Hull University Students’ Union, HUSSO and the Police and Crime Commissioner to rectify this. The project started with only nine volunteers in 2018, they now have a membership of more than 50 people.

One of the project leaders, Law student Chloe Crooks, said: “We help the detainees in a number of ways by supporting them in what works best for them and what they need support with at that time. Whether this be repeating something, explaining something in simpler terms, asking officers to reduce tone and pressures, or using different wording these would be a few examples.”

Volunteering provides a valuable additional experience to a student’s time at University. Alongside the opportunity to make a positive impact for someone else, they can often provide insights, skills and learning that go on to shape career decisions. 

You can support the students by donating here: