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Hey it’s ok: Dear returning student

September 9, 2019

Hey It’s OK: Dear returning student

In our ‘Hey It’s Ok’ series current students tackle common issues and worries you may have about life at uni.

To get excited about WelcomeFest

It’s not just for the first years! Approach each year as a new opportunity to get stuck into everything University, your Students’ Union and your city have to offer.

To have missed chip spice

Whether you’re Team San Remos or Team Dinos it’s perfectly acceptable to celebrate your return to Hull with a post-Asylum cheesy chip wrap!

To seek refuge in the library

Things do start to get a bit real, especially if you are going into third year. If you find yourself retreating to your secret spot in the BMJ to hide away from distracting housemates, boyfriends/girlfriends, team members in the library you will not be the only one!

To get a job!

According to student insurer Endsleigh, eight out of ten students are now taking on some form of job to help ease the financial pressures posed by uni life. The University is running a Part-time jobs fair on Friday 21st September where you can find flexible work to fit around your studies.

To start to panic about life after uni

Breathe! We’re so lucky to have an amazing career service at the University who can help you work out your next steps and explore jobs relating to your skills.

So if after three years of a psychology degree you’ve decided that you don't want to be a psychologist it wasn’t all a waste of time – any university education teaches a desirable skill set.

To over Instagram your uni life

Capturing memories is a great way to reflect on your time at University. Use #hullwelcomefest so we see what you’re up to!

Um, not ok...

If you’ve not signed up for any opportunity! Where have you been?

We know we bang on about it but there really is so much to get involved in! Check out the ‘Join In’ section to get inspired.

If your student house turns out not to be all it seemed

Did your landlord promise that x, y or z would be done before you moved in but the house looks exactly the same as it did back in January? That’s not ok! Our Advice Centre can help you deal with any landlord issues you may have throughout the year.

If you have a problem with your course

Your opinions matter to us. At the start of the year, become a Course Rep so you can help other students express and give feedback about the education! There are over 500 of them and they are your best way to get any issues dealt with quickly and effectively. (Click here to check your course rep)

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