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Hey it’s ok: First Year

September 9, 2019


Hey It’s OK: Dear First Year 

In our ‘Hey It’s Ok’ series current students tackle common issues and worries you may have about life at uni.

If you forget to pack something 

As long as you remember the essentials of your offer letter, student loan documents, and some ID, then you’re fine. Hull has shops (shock horror!) so you can pick up a blanket, cheese grater or bottle of ketchup if you forget it. 


If you don’t want to go out every night 

You may worry that certain first week activities are compulsory if you are to make friends, but this just isn't the case. There will be hundreds of other events you can go to if you feel like staying in one night. 


To step outside your comfort zone

Challenge yourself to try something new or different. Uni is the perfect place to do something you always wished you’d done, so pick up that tennis racket, grab the mic at Karaoke or share your love of Harry Potter with other enthusiasts at the sorting ceremony. 


To not buy every book on your reading list 

It is tempting but check the Waterstones (in the Students’ Central) or the web for second-hand copies and get them out from the library as and when you need them. Every penny counts so don’t waste your precious loan. 


If you don’t know anyone 

You and almost everyone else! It really is not a bad thing and allows you a lot more freedom and expands your social circle, exposing you to different things and people.


To not be into the same things as your flat/housemates 

It’s actually one of the best things about University. You will meet people from all over the world with all kinds of different interests. Embrace it and seek out clubs and societies to find people with similar interests so you have the best of both worlds. 


To be homesick 

You are not alone. The National Union of Students believes that between 50 and 70% of UK students experience homesickness, particularly those who've moved far away from home. It's important not to blame yourself; it isn't your fault and doesn't make you strange. University is all about growing up; it's a huge transition, and it can take you a while to adjust.


Um, not ok...


To miss lectures 

Even though for some subjects the first year might not count towards your final grade that doesn’t mean you can doss about. If you repeatedly don’t show up for lectures or you don’t hand work in then you could get thrown out. Have fun, but try and do a bit of work too.


To skip finding a doctor

Freshers' flu is real and walk-in clinic waiting times are awful! 

With thousands of students coming in from different places, University can be a breeding ground for illness in the first few weeks. Get signed up early so it’s one less thing to think about when you’re feeling sorry for yourself. 

To be disrespectful 

You think your tuneful rendition of ‘Mr. Brightside’ sounds beautiful as you walk back from the welcome party but your new neighbours may not appreciate it.

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