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Hey it’s ok: Packing

September 9, 2019

Hey, it’s ok: To have no idea what to pack! 

In our ‘Hey It’s Ok’ series current students tackle common issues and worries you may have about life at uni.

The idea of packing your whole life into a car or a few suitcases may feel completely overwhelming. Never fear, we’ve got the inside info from current students who’ve shared their top tips on prioritising that precious packing space. 

Tip One

First things first, the uni has a great list online which gives you a quick guide to everything they suggest you bring with you. (Click here

Tip Two

Save space by packing clothes for the seasons. You won’t have space to fit all of your clothes in your room. The academic year begins in autumn, so bring a few jumpers for the frosty mornings, but maybe shorts and a T-shirt as well.

Tip Three

Don’t pack the full 12-piece dinner service! Take two plates. two glasses, two sets of cutleries, a sharp knife, a chopping board, frying pan, saucepan, baking tray, bowl, and a cheese grater. Leave it at that; anymore and you’ll be buried.

Tip Four

Your bed is a chance to add personality to your room with a colourful quilt cover and cushions. Bedding is a place to really splash out if you can – after all, students are famous for lie-ins!

Tip Five 

Don’t rush out and buy all the books straightaway. Get them, as you need them and recover a bit of money by selling them afterwards. Check out the Waterstones in Student Central for offers. 

Tip Six 

A Netflix or Amazon Prime subscription may be a distraction, but it goes a long way towards keeping yourself busy on long, dark, penniless winter nights. Plus, movies are an excellent option when everyone’s too tired to go out! 

Tip Seven 

The key to a good living space is actually living in it. So, turn it from a generic student room into somewhere unique to you! We often run poster and house plant sales outside Student Central so keep an eye out for these!

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