Question Time LIVE Pt 1

Posted 12 March 2019
The President of Inclusivity and Diversity debate
The President of Inclusivity and Diversity debate


With voting now open we’re taking a daily look at highlights from Monday’s live debate.


The four candidates Rory Hamill, Gabrielle Kear, Matthew McMahon and Abigail Morris took their seats for the penultimate and second largest debate of the night. Watch the whole debate below. Or read on to watch our highlights. 



With Liberation Campaigns being a part of this zone, candidates were asked how they would support the liberation campaigns (BAME, LGBT+, Disabled students, Women) and minority groups they represent. If you want to hear more about their plans for celebration events, how they would promote an inclusive university, improving recruitment and support of part-time officers and support for student-led campaigns and mature students watch at 9 min 4 sec.


Candidates were asked what inclusivity and diversity meant to them. They talked about ensuring that all students have the same opportunities and that they are aware of the opportunities open to them, celebrating the diversity on campus and ensuring that everyone has the chance to get involved in an inclusive and welcoming Union that students feel at home in. Watch the debate at 19min 17sec


With no candidates running for Disabled Students’ Officer this year, candidates were asked how they would ensure that disabled students’ voices are never forgotten. Candidates discussed open forums, face to face engagement, outreach and meetings. Want to hear more, skip to 22min 38sec.  


The next question challenged candidates to share their opinion on what is fundamentally holding this university back from being as inclusive as possible. Watch at 13 min 22 sec to find out how the candidates think that communication could be improved to ensure that students feel included in decision making.   


If you’re still wondering why you should vote for the President of Inclusivity and Diversity, with four days left here are four reasons that you should vote for this role.

  1. They ensure you never miss out on an opportunity to participate and achieve because of your gender, ethnicity, sexuality or disability.
  2. They defend your right to achieve the degree you want accepted for who you are and free from discrimination..
  3. They work with the University to make certain that all services support all students effectively.
  4. They listen to you and campaign on issues affecting you like lighting and security on campus, mental health services and period poverty.


Read the candidates manifestos here.


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