Question Time LIVE: Pt 2

Posted 13 March 2019
The President of Activities and Sport debate
The President of Activities and Sport debate


These roles of President of Sport and President of Activities represent over 3300 students who are members of clubs and societies but don’t write them off because you’re not a member. Their work touches all parts of the student experience and has key connections with the local community.


President of Activities


Robert Ackers and Thomas McNamara were second up to debate at our live event on Monday. Watch the full debate below or scroll to find highlights.



An independent student media can play a key role holding their institution and students’ union accountable. They also offer space for student opinion to be aired and important conversations to start. With the HullFire, Jam Radio and Torch TV as part of the Activities Zone, candidates were asked how they would empower the struggling student media. Find out how they would approach this at 7min 50 sec

Mature, part-time, post-graduate and students studying courses like medicine and nursing hace schedules that make taking part in student activities more difficult. Candidates were asked how they would work to engage students with these unusual schedules. Watch their responses at 14 minutes in


President of Sport 


Last up on the night were the candidates for the President of Sport. Erin Pettit and Sian Doherty. Watch the full debate here or scroll to skip to the highlights.




With some of our clubs struggling with their finances, candidates were asked what are you plans to combat the AU club debt. Both candidates talked about the benefits of the Boost crowd-funding platform and how teams could use this from the start of the new academic year. Find out more about their plans from 2min 54sec.


Presidents of Sport ensure that all students have the opportunity to participate in sport during their time at University. A question from the room asked candidates how they would engage more international students in sport. Hear their ideas from 9 min 30.


If you’re still wondering why you should vote from the President of Sport of Activities with three days left here are three reasons that you should vote for this role even if you’re not a member of a club or society.


  1. If you use sports facilities recreationally or as part of your course the President of Sport will affect you by their influence on the continued development and investment in sport at Hull.
  2. If you value the opportunity for thousands of students to be able to take part in extracurricular activities, an independent student media and a committee that raises tens of thousands of pounds or charity, your vote for President of Activities can support that work.
  3. If you are a member of any union club or society it's your way to have your say on how you are supported and choose a leader that cares about your activity. 


Read the candidates manifestos here.

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