Tom - Trimester One Wins

December 23, 2019

Written by Tom. 

I’m confident in saying this has been my busiest and most productive trimester so far. There’s been a lot of great work from both myself and the rest of the President Team. Having the biggest volunteer remit in the team, I’ve had to do a lot of work since June to support committees in my zone (in particular RAG and Student Media) and I’m actually really happy with where we stand at the moment. I struggled with my capacity last year but we’ve been able to add two more roles to our Student Opportunities Team, increasing to five. This has provided more support and allowed us to get through a lot of work so far this year which has been great.

This definitely doesn’t cover everything, but here are my big three projects of the trimester:

Safe and Well-Regulated Student Groups

This is one of the President Team’s shared themes. It’s an ongoing piece of work that me and Erin have been working on since August. As part of this, we have been reviewing what Members and Committees Members need to know and how we communicate that. Whether it be policy, training or through other means. New Policies include:

  • Society Ratification Process – implemented a new Society Development Plan form which requires a more detailed explanation of what the Society will entail which is then reviewed by the Societies Executive Committee;
  • Student Committee Election Policy – this outlines how to run a committee AGM to elect a new Student Committee. Initially we just had best practice;
  • Fundraising Policy – this outlines our procedures students should follow when fundraising for charity or their own Club/ Society. As part of this we will be registering with the national Fundraising Regulator.
  • Members’ Code of Conduct – Outlines behavior expected of students involved in any of our Student Groups.

The biggest piece of work is yet to come. In my manifesto I talked about a Development Plan for Student Activities. I want to see my successor be able to pick up where I left off and see our student groups develop and get better year on year. To do this, they need the right tools. Next Trimester we are going to be setting out what we expect in Committee Handovers (making them mandatory) and are going to be massively reviewing the level of training we provide and putting something in place before summer.

Supporting Student Media

This Trimester has also been a big step for Student Media. Despite a slow start, everything is starting to fall into place. Traditionally, there’s always been a struggle with continuity between committees but this year looks like times are changing. Torch TV have been invaluable producing a lot of informative content for HUU and other Student Groups ( and The Hullfire have recently published their first online issue on our newly launched Student Media Website: JAM Radio are all trained up and will be broadcasting in the New Year.

For the first time, Student Media have a designated member of our Marketing Team who has been helping raise their profile through our HUU channels. This was something that I pushed for alongside reviewing generally how Student Media operates and how they’re funded. Finally, we are looking to move Student Media into a more accessible and visible location within our building to again raise their profile even further.

Working with Commercial Services

Last year, I started working with the Commercial Team (who manage Asylum, Sanctuary, EATS and SPAR) to gather student feedback with a lot of changes being implemented straight away. This year, I’m now the Chair of the Board of Directors for Commercial Services and am working with our Commercial Services Director to write our Business Plan for 2020-23. Your feedback is key and how we gather that is something I want to address so that we have a feedback mechanism in place even after I have left.

Additionally, I have been working with our Commercial Services Director and new Entertainments Manager to plan End of Year Ball. We’ve been having monthly meetings with a range of students including from Clubs and Societies. Staff have been there to provide options and explain budgets. The Student Committee have had the final say on:

  • Ticket price;
  • Date and Timings;
  • Dress code;
  • Shortlisting the themes and live acts;
  • Other Entertainment.

We have listened to student feedback and I hope it turns out to be a great event to celebrate the end of the academic year.

If you need to message Tom about his work so far, you can do so via Facebook, here.