Transforming Academic Representation

May 21, 2019

by Isobel Hall

You told us that you wanted our Academic Representation system to be more transparent, communicative, open and fair.

You wanted your feedback to be taken more seriously and listened to, and to know what happened with that feedback.

You wanted to understand better what your reps and the Union do to represent you academic interests. Finally, you wanted greater publicity about reps and who they were.



As a student, you will now be able to attend the new Education Zone Open Meetings which is open to all students to attend – so you can hear feedback first hand! This is where you can come along to see how you are being represented by your reps, get involved in discussions about key academic issues and talk directly to University staff.

If you are an undergraduate student, you will now be better represented at a Faculty level as we have introduced the role of a Deputy Faculty Rep to support the work of the Faculty Rep. This will ensure that more work can be done to represent your academic interests so you feedback is being actioned.

If you are a postgraduate student, you now are represented on a bigger and better scale than before! You have your own forums separate from undergraduates where you can talk as a faculty what are the big issues going on currently – your issues will be taken seriously and listened to by staff who know and work with postgraduate students. We have also introduced Postgraduate Taught and Postgraduate Research Faculty Reps to ensure each faculty is effectively represented for both taught and research provision.

Photos and contact details of your Faculty Reps, Deputy Faculty Reps, Postgraduate Representatives and Course Rep Leaders will all be readily available so you can contact your rep at any time and know exactly who they are! Better publicity!

Minutes from all Student Staff Forums, Postgraduate Faculty Forums and Education Zone Open Meetings will all be made available on our website so you know exactly what is going on and on what issues your reps are speaking up on. More transparent and open!



Want to get involved? Great! You can get involved by becoming a Course Rep, Course Rep Leader or a Post Grad Faculty Rep. Find out more here.