Advice Centre Budgeting Tips

Posted 13 January 2021
The Advice Centre shares some tops tips for budgeting in Trimester 2.
The Advice Centre shares some tops tips for budgeting in Trimester 2.

House hunting can be a worry for some students, so take your time. There are so many types of accommodation available from newly built halls at the university to 5 bed terraced houses around Newland Avenue. There is something to suit everyone’s budget out there.

Here are some top tips and questions to ask before you sign for a house:

  1. Check the contract, is it bills included? Will you have to pay for the TV licence? Is the internet suitable for your needs?
  2. What is the weekly rent? Have you multiplied this by the number of weeks in the contract and then compared this to your maintenance loan?
  3. Use our budget calculator to keep an eye on your weekly/monthly outgoings.
  4. Look out for our Housing fayre.



Shopping with your housemates can cut down your weekly food bills tremendously, plan your meals for the week and look at healthy alternatives to your usual favourite takeaway, quite often it is cheaper to cook it yourself and it is always healthier that way.


Write it down

A great way to understand your money habits is to write it all down, your income and your outgoings and be honest with yourself and what you spend your money on. Log on to our budget calculator and pop in your details, once you have done this, it is a lesson learnt for life.


Still need help?

If you are struggling financially, drop us an email to [email protected] and we can discuss your funding and make sure you are receiving the correct amount for your circumstances.

The University offer a Hardship Support Fund for Home students and this can be accessed via MyHull portal>talk to us>useful forms, you will need to upload evidence to support your application.

For EU and International students, there is a discretionary fund available to access via MyHull portal>talk to us>ask a question.