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Referendum results

October 1, 2019

Hull University Union has been holding a referendum over the past week, called by our Board of Trustees, asking all members to vote on amendments to our governing documents, the Memorandum and Articles of Association.

The Charity Commission for England and Wales authorised that this referendum must reach a quorum of 5% of members. A minimum of 627 students needed to vote in order to reach this quorum. In order for the amendments to pass, a two-thirds majority vote of all voting members is required.

At the close of voting at 5pm on Tuesday 1st October, 656 members voted in the referendum, meaning that the referendum did meet quorum.

583 members voted in favour of approving the amendments to our Articles, 59 members voted against the amendments and there were 14 spoilt ballots.

This means that the referendum has passed and these amendments to our articles will be made as of this week.

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