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Asylum - Safety & Support

February 6, 2019

You know what Asylum’s all about. The famous Wednesday night Tower, great live music and loads of other events to meet your mates and make the most of your time at uni. However, one thing you might not have realised about Asylum is the support available to you on the night.

Safe Taxi Scheme
The Hull Cars Safe Taxi Scheme offers payment free travel home, even if you’re out of funds on the night. Just call 828282 and let them know you’re a university student but have no money to pay the driver. Instead of cash, you can hand over your student card and take a receipt. Then you can pick your student card from Student Central in the week or their Anlaby Road office if urgent, in return for the taxi fee. It’s simple, and it makes sure you get home safe. Ring 01482 828282 and read more, here.  

Ask for Angela
Ask for Angela is a campaign that gives you a safe way to get out of an unsafe situation that has been adopted in bars and clubs across the country. If you feel unsafe or something doesn’t feel right or you approach a member of staff and ask to see Angela. They’re trained to get you out of the situation discreetly, support you and call a taxi. Read more about the campaign, here

Personal Protection Alarms
Free personal protection alarms are now available on reception areas within Student Central stock permitting.They have been pre-tested before being made available but make sure you do your own test by pushing the button. See how to use the alarms here.  

Hull Uni Angels
Whether you need someone to talk to or just a drink of water, the Hull Uni Angels, are here to help! Grab them if you see them in their blue coats or ask the door staff to find them and you’ll be in good hands. They’re here to make sure you have the best and safest night out.

A unit of St John Ambulance run by student volunteers for students at Hull! The guys and girls in green are a constant presence on Wednesday nights and loads of other events on and off campus. They’re real life savers and are more than happy to help if you pick up an injury on your night out They stand out a mile in their high-vis jackets so you should recognise them on the night!

External Support

If you find yourself in an emergency situation, call 999 to get police help ASAP. If it is a non-emergency call 101 and the police can arrange an officer to come and see you to make a statement.

Sexual Assault
If you have experienced sexual harassment or assault, there is a list of contacts and guidance available on the University website here. 

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