AU Team of the Month!

Posted 30 October 2013
Your Vice-President Sport reflects on an amazing month for the Athletic Union and the special teams who made it so!
Your Vice-President Sport reflects on an amazing month for the Athletic Union and all those extra special teams who made it so.

And the winner is……

This month's Team of the Month is awarded to THE BOXING CLUB!

Boxing have been awarded team of the month for a number of reasons. They have already organised two trips to live amateur boxing matches, a club trip to Hull fair, a pro-boxing event (televised at their sponsors location) as well as organising three trips to St Pauls boxing academy each week. For the first time, they are now going to have a presence in the naked calendar and AU Ball, recognising just how much they are growing as a club. They have grown significantly in numbers, to 76 members, even the sport centre have commented on their success! The win is also based on the levels of financial planning and organisation that goes into affiliating boxing members to ABA and making sure all their members have their medicals complete, requiring a great deal from the Boxing club committee, alongside extra training sessions for those who are willing to spar and compete for the University. If all goes to plan, the club are also in planning for a boxing event to be held here at the University! Well don!

First Runner Up goes to… Ladies Hockey

Ladies hockey have been awarded a close First Runner Up for organising a tournament at the start of the semester to raise money for ‘Right to Play’ a charity which raises awareness for children who are deprived of sports. On the day (in appalling weather) £300 was raised, with various different teams getting involved. Sophie Darragh also ran the Royal Parks Half Marathon and raised £610 for the same cause, finishing in 2 hours 12 mins, and 41 seconds! Well done ladies.

Second Runner Up goes to… Fencing

This award is based on an individual due to the club competing in individual events. Alex Rodriguez de Sousa led Mens Fencing first team to victory in the opening two matches; usually an epeeist, he has fenced all 3 weapons, and the team are unbeaten in matches and individual weapons. In their first match they won by 39, +13 of which Alex was responsible for, in the second, they won by 24, +27 of which Alex was again responsible for, meaning he single handedly made up for the negative scores and more! A +27 is the best score our Fencing president has seen by one of our fencers. Congrats and apologies if that was all written wrong!

Third Runner Up goes to…Scarborough Mens Rugby Union

This award goes to Scarborough Mens RU as they deserve recognition for their hard work. The first month has been tough over there without a sports officer and Sc RU have been working hard following a previously tough year to secure members, get payment, and tackle a lot of injuries. On the 23rd they arranged their travel managing to field a team, arrived in shirt and tie and then 15 minutes before leaving it was cancelled. I believe they need some recognition for their commitment and efforts, it can be a lot tougher up there for our sports teams and as one of the few Scarborough teams left in BUCS I’d like to say well done boys!