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Our Building - talking to you

March 23, 2018

In November we announced that the University have committed to spend £4.5m on Student Central over the next two years.  Since this announcement we have been talkng students to find out what you think of our building now, how we could improve and what this project should prioritise.  


Who have we spoken to so far?

A total of 46 current and future students were consulted at four workshop sessions held between December 2017 and February 2018. 


This consisted of: 

  • • 22 Current University students
  • • 14 Future students – from Wyke, Archbishop Sentamu, and South Hunsley
  • • 10 Current Union Council members


Key themes  


The importance of signage and accessibility 

Having clear and easy to follow signage around the union has been highlighted as one of the main improvements to be made, as this will increase accessibility and awareness of services for students.


Better use of space 

The space in Asylum and Sanctuary should be better used throughout the week, with space for societies and other events such as gig nights, shows and rehearsals. Many believed Johnny Mac could be more appealing to use during the daytime by being a brighter and lighter environment. Societies want more options for space to practice and meet up.


Study and relaxation space 

Many liked the idea of joint study and work spaces. Not all course workloads suit the library setting, and a middle ground would be good to have. A separate relaxation space was also a popular suggestion.



Many students showed concern for relaxation spaces being too close to student services, as this could make them less appealing to use if it is a confidential issue etc. There needs to be a mix of the services being accessible and known of, but also in a private location should students wish to be confidential. 


New features and general improvements 

The most requested suggestion was water fountains, followed by food court style options for the ground floor. Lockers and storage space were also suggested, as this can be good for societies. 


What happens next? 


The themes and suggestions from these workshops were built into an all student survey to ask the wider students population what they wanted from the project. 491 students gave us their feedback which we are now analysing. We will share the results with you in early April.  


Students' Union staff and officers are meeting weekly with Space Architects and the University of Hull team as plans develop and are feeding in student opinions at each stage. The plans will be presented to the University Steering Group in April for approval. These plans show how the spaces will be configured and give an idea of project cost. Following this each individual area will be looked at in more detail to finalise the design for the different spaces within the building. 


You can give us feedback throughout the project by sending us a message  or registering to take part in future consultation. 

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