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Articles and Bye Laws Announcement

November 1, 2019

Articles and Bye-Laws Announcement 

Isobel Hall, President of the Students’ Union

TL:DR We changed some big documents to make them smaller and easier to read and use.

You can find out more about what this means and how we did this below.

Here at Hull University Students’ Union, we are always looking for ways to make things easier and simpler for students so we work more effectively to create the change you want to see. Therefore, over the last few months, we have been reviewing and improving our governing documents to allow us to do this.

We are really pleased to announce and launch our Articles and Bye-Laws with all the new changes made and approved to them. We changed some big documents to make them smaller and easier to read and use

You can view them here:

What are the Articles and Bye-Laws?

Hull University Students’ Union is a charity for students. As a charity we have Articles of Association, these do the following:

  • They define what our objectives are as a charity
  • It describes what powers the charity has
  • It clarifies all our rules, regulations, duties, rights and responsibilities as a charity

Bye-Laws provide for the conduct of Union affairs and the implementation of Union strategy and policy.

Why are they important?

Our articles of association guide everything we do as a Students’ Union which directly impacts on you as a member of Hull University Students’ Union. Not only are they the foundation of everything we do, they are also required by law. Similarly, Bye-Laws are important as they guide how the Union functions.

What changes have been made?

We have worked hard to amend the Articles of Association and the Bye-Laws to ensure they are up-to-date, fit for purpose and work for students. We have also had legal advice to ensure that the articles are compliant and used an external consultant.

The Articles of Association must be reviewed every 5 years by the University of Hull and the Chief Executive Officer of Hull University Students’ Union. We conducted a review of the Articles of Association with our Trustees (including President Team), Senior Management and Solicitor. Whilst no significant changes were required that would alter the way the Union operates, a number of changes were needed to bring us up-to-date and ensure we are as inclusive as possible.

The Bye-Laws had not been updated since 2013, were not student-friendly, contained references to things that didn’t exist anymore and missed key bits of information out like how to bring a motion and start a petition. The Chair of Union Council, the President of the Students’ Union, Student Voice Team, CEO, external consultant, Dows, and a solicitor worked to get the Bye-Laws down from 40 pages to 16 pages which are easy to read and understand, clear, student-friendly, relevant and match our newly change Articles of Association.

You can read the full detail of the changes here:

How have the changes been approved?

Articles of Association: The Articles of Association went to referendum during September/October for our members to vote on. This passed with 90% in favour of the changes and was approved by our Board of Trustees.

Bye-Laws: This month we had our first Union Council of the year and we took the proposed changes to the Bye-Laws to your elected representatives to vote on! They all unanimously passed this and this was also passed at our Board of Trustees as required by to make changes.

We want to empower and represent students at the University of Hull to the absolute best of our ability and having Articles of Association and Bye-Laws that are fit for purpose are critical to us being successful and operating effectively.