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April 17, 2018

What is this campaign about?

It’s about giving people the knowledge of what consent is. Sex without consent is rape. As well as the awareness side of the campaign, which highlights the support and services available to students both at the university and in the local and wider community, this campaign also involves working alongside the university regarding reporting incidents of sexual harassment, sexual assault and access to services.

Part of this campaign is also to help make the university a safer environment. Currently, there is on-going work to identify the dark/ badly lit areas of campus. The data we collect on this issue will be given to the university to influence where lights are put around campus, but also to promote ‘well-lit routes’ around campus.


Why did we launch this campaign and what does it aim to achieve?


Our students deserve a safe and welcoming university campus in all aspects whether it be lighting around campus, appropriate training for staff members, adequate reporting processes, raising awareness for the issues or just a generally safe environment. We are working in partnership with the university at all levels to make sure the campus is a safe environment.


The video that sparked it all?



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