Erin - Trimester One Wins

December 20, 2019

Written by Erin.

I’ve had a really busy first trimester! I’ve worked on loads of projects – namely the AU Ball, issues with storage at the Sports Centre, working towards safe and well-regulated clubs, individual club issues and the BUCS Play app. I’ve also held regular AU Council meetings and attended conferences with other Sabbatical Officers.

I’ve worked on a lot with the President Team, but here’s the top three “wins” of this trimester: 

  1. Club wins

I’ve been working to resolve any club issues. AU council is space that clubs can offer honest feedback and raise any problems and concerns. I ensured that I followed up with all of the feedback, which resulted in lots of individual meetings and subsequently some really successful wins. Some of these were:

  • A contribution, from Hull Sport, towards the cost of a new boxing ring for Boxing and MMA
  • A contribution, from Hull Sport, towards the pitch hire for Men’s Cricket
  • A contribution, from Hull Sport, towards new balls for Women’s Lacrosse
  • Some new balls, from Hull Sport, for Women’s Basketball
  • Securing more frequent use of the 3G pitch for Men’s Football
  • Securing additional training space for Fencing 
  • Suggesting and sorting a club shout out for Cycling to aid their recruitment
  • Promotional material for Wheelchair Basketball
  • Additional access for Boat Club

I am really pleased that I have managed to secure these wins, and others, for our AU clubs. If you ever have any issues please get in touch at [email protected] and I will try my best to find an appropriate solution or compromise.

  1. Club shout-outs

My second ‘big win’ of the trimester was working with our marketing team to secure some social media coverage for smaller AU clubs. This was something I was really keen to work on as one of my manifesto points was about giving more representation and recognition for the smaller and/or non-BUCS clubs. 

The club shout outs have been posted on the Hull University Union Facebook page, with the majority occurring during WelcomeFest, this has been really well received and has helped promote the clubs and our AU to new students. This was something I was really keen to secure, as I asked the AU club committees over summer how we could better help their recruitment drive and they asked for better online promotion.

Finally, the club shout outs have helped my manifesto point regarding improving the perception of the AU. The shout outs have been cropping up online as and when a club has been successful either in competitions, fundraising or training it has been amazing to see us supporting them as an organisation and shouting about the fantastic things our AU does.

  1. Varsity proposal and planning 

Varsity annually engages thousands of students in sport and I am keen to make the first Varsity at home since the opening of our new facilities, an amazing one. Back in the summer I sent a proposal to the Vice Chancellor asking the university to invest in Varsity. We had a number of discussions, along with the University Leadership Team discussions, and I am pleased to announce that the university will be investing £6000! 

We want to use this funding to promote the event on a large scale, to encourage more spectators - both staff and students. This will really showcase the AU and the sporting opportunities available at Hull. It will improve the perception of the AU and the relationship between the university and the AU, which was something I campaigned on in March. I’m really pleased to have secured this funding and to work with the university on the varsity project, we want to show how important sport is to the student body and ensure the university understand this too. Working together on this project is a huge step in the right direction! 

As well as writing a proposal to the VC, I have also had meetings with Lincoln Students’ Union and other key stakeholders to ensure that we run a smooth and successful Varsity. There is still a lot of work to be done and this is something I will be focusing on heavily in the New Year.

Erin's work Facebook profile can be found here.