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Financial Survival Guide


Coming to University is a whole new experience and trying to survive here on your own can be daunting! But have no fear, we have come up with some tips and tricks on how to make your money go even further:

  • Money doctor: A helpful budgeting website from your Advice Centre. Input your income and outgoings and Money Doctor will then calculate a weekly budget of the money you have left over! Be brutal though with your outgoings so you get a true reflection:
  • Student finance myths: You may have received a letter stating the date that you will receive your maintenance but don’t believe it! The truth is that you don’t get your money until 3-5 workings days AFTER the date you registered here. So make sure you have some spare money to take part in as many WelcomeFest events as you want. Get your WelcomeFest Wristband when it goes on sale!
  • Student current accounts: The word ‘overdraft’ fills a lot of people with dread but students get a great perk. This overdraft is interest-free, even for a year after you graduate to help get you on your feet! Have a little shop around though when looking for this, some have great little perks like offering you a free railcard when opening up a student account. Head over to Martin Lewis’ (Mr Money Saving Expert) website who has a great guide on them. (
  • Part-time work: Getting a little job on the weekends can help you a lot when you’re studying. When your maintenance only just covers your rent it can give you the spare cash to have fun while you’re here too! That being said, we would usually give a guideline of working no more than 16-20 hours per week so it doesn’t affect your studies.
  • Max your income: There are ways of making your money go further, for instance, if you need regular prescriptions, fill out a HC1 form to request a certificate that allows these prescriptions to be free, also this will cover you for the dentist and optician. Contact us for more information on this. Sell your old textbooks that you don’t need anymore or buy your books second hand. Better yet, try our library to see if they have the book you and check out the book from there for free! Don’t forget to take a packed lunch some of the time as you could save up to £1,000 a year.
  • Stay stylish: Keeping up with the fashion trends can drain your bank account, so have a look at clothing swaps! Hull sometimes put on some clothes swapping events or there are apps like Vinted that can let you advertise your stuff, gain some easy money or look for cheap clothes. You can even make your new hair cut/beauty treatments even cheaper by going to stylist that are in training
  • Student discount: Don’t feel cheeky, get that 10% off! Flash your student card to your favourite shops to try and save those pennies! An ISIC card gives you access to thousands of extra student discounts for places like Vue cinemas or Alton Towers! Have a look at other sites like Unidays too which may give you more variety when it comes to discounts.
  • Free events: With it being Hull City of Culture 2017 there is so much happening in Hull right now! There is an event on every day – and some of them are free! Take a look at what’s on offer while you still can: Not only that but there are so many other free things on offer here, we have so many museums and art galleries to occupy your time here while you try and hold onto your money.
  • Other money pots: In some circumstances, there are students who can receive benefits. However, the students eligible are either a single parent/student couples with children or students who are in receipt of a disability benefit. If you think you fit one of these categories come to the Advice Centre and one of our amazing advisors will do a quick benefit check with you. There are also other funds you can apply to here at the University, so if you are at a real loss about what to do with your finances, please come to our drop-in where we will do our best to help.

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