Graduation Survey

Posted 21 February 2019
Third years - give your feedback about the change of venue.
Third years - give your feedback about the change of venue.

Yesterday we sent a survey by email to all third-year students to gather feedback on the change of venue for graduations. If you are a third year student you can fill it out here. 


We understand that some of you are disappointed, not only with the venue selected but also with the move away from Hull City Hall. At the start of the survey we share the reasons that the University has provided as the rationale behind the move, including the lack of disability access. 


We are committed to sharing your feedback on what’s important to you about your experience of this celebration of your achievements but we cannot support a venue that is not inclusive of all our members. We have made it clear to the University that we are disappointed that current students were not consulted on this issue and that the communications of the change of venue was not as it should have been.


Through sharing what you feel is important about a graduation venue we want to work with the University to ensure that you have the best graduation day possible and that your experience is not negatively affected by the requirement to change venues. This may include sharing with them that you feel that the Bonus Arena is not a suitable choice of venue and your reasons for this.