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Gurmok Sanghera VP Sport 15-16

I wanted to thank everyone who has supported me this year and wish you all the best in your futures.

As elected officers we really do care about student experiences and do everything possible to make your time at university as amazing as possible. We listen to your feedback when lobbying for large-scale changes but also realise that it’s often the small things that make the biggest difference. It’s our job to both lobby for change and make those seemingly small changes that make university life that little more enjoyable! If you didn’t know HUU is a non-profit organisation, meaning the income gained from our shops, restaurants, nights out and bars is put back into benefiting you in some form.

Sabbatical officers are constantly looking for ways to make positive change and are always open to student feedback. The ever-changing nature of HUU means there’s a lot of hard work that goes on behind the scenes and our hours stretch way beyond the typical 9-5. The nature of the job also means decisions are open to criticism and you can become a bit of a target. It’s a difficult job and I’ve had to develop thick skin but the rewards come when you hear students say they have stayed in university because of something you’ve done!

As VP Sport I have had my ups and downs but I have been involved in some really exciting and worthwhile projects that I can be proud of. Doing these have made me aware of how ambitious I can be, who knows what I will be doing in the future. (WATCH THIS SPACE I guess...) The list below features just some of the changes I’ve been involved in. Thank you for a challenging but wonderful year.


Gurmok Sanghera VP (SPORT) 2015-2016

  • Acquired free sports rehab for students in the AU so that injured players can get playing/training again as soon as possible.
  • Trained committee members as well as the presidents, to help take some pressure of them.
  • Ran a session with Careers Services on how clubs can be more successful in attaining sponsorship from the local community.
  • Made AU Council more accessible to presidents so they could send anyone to get information and made a record of their problems so we could fix them more efficiently.
  • Saved AU sports members £5 per person on sports fees and saved them money on kit during WelcomeFest and eventually got the sports pass to £10 for the last semester.
  • Supported a number of clubs in their development to make them bigger and stronger.
  • Started 4 new clubs.
  • Ran a successful campaign about the sports team experience with Kathy (VP Activities).
  • Negotiate with the University to put aside £14 million for sports facilities maintenance and improvements.
  • Helped to move sport higher on the University’s agenda.
  • Got the sporting excellence programme approved with the University. Which means clubs will be more supported by the University.
  • Sat as a delegate at NUS National Conference to made sure our voice was heard
  • Sat on the Employability Awards scheme and made sure students could input their assessments in other formats to be more inclusive.
  • Sat on faculty board of science and engineering to make sure students got the most out of their time at university.
  • Put student input into the shape and size review with Matt Evans (VP Education).
  • Helped the University create a fantastic sports strategy so that sports teams in the future will be better supported to get coaching and reduced fees, to make them stronger and better.
  • Got the University to show off a presentable strategy to all the clubs so they were all aware of what will be happening.
  • Took 600 AU members on Tour to Croatia. The highest attendance ever!  
  • Arranged a Varsity event with over 2000 students on campus, and created a better atmosphere and ran a successful campaign about transphobia and homophobia in sport with Ashleigh (VP Welfare and Community).  
  • Sold out tickets for AU Ball and Trophy Pres.
  • Ran two new events for the AU that created more recognition and opportunity for more money.
  • Publicised some of the great things you said in the HUU Experience Survey
  • Ran an away day for new presidents to pass on my knowledge to make them better Presidents Because #BetterISBetter

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