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February 11, 2019

We know you may be feeling concerned about reports in the media. 

Your safety is our highest priority. To help support you, we've gathered the helpful advice from ourselves, the University of Hull and Humberside Police. It's all in one place, for sharing with friends or anyone you think may need support. There's a lot of support available but it's important to know who to contact for which issue. Below is a list of articles to help point you in the right direction.

Asylum Nights

Whether you're off to Tower on a Wednesday, watching great live music or celebrating another event, we're committed to creating a safe environment to make sure you enjoy an amazing night in the safest way possible. Find out about the Safe Taxi Scheme, Ask For Angela, the various support teams and useful contacts on our website.


Campus Safety

Did you know that the University of Hull campus has its own Police officer to make sure you have a safe place to study? You can find contact details for Humberside Police and tips for keeping your room safe on our safety page.


University of Hull Support

The University of Hull support to students on Wellbeing and Mental Health through their Health & Wellbeing Team, live chat and on their website.

The campus is monitored by Facilities and Security Teams, who have contact details on their website, alongside tips on personal safety.

Sexual Assault

We are committed to helping provide support to victims through signposting services and guiding anyone that asks for support. There is support available if you have experienced sexual harassment or assault. Useful contacts are available on our website. 



Humberside Police have created a Student Survival Guide to help make sure you remember your time at university for the right reasons. It features tips on home safety, protecting yourself on a night out and how to keep your property safe. 

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