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HullSTARS 2019/20

April 8, 2019

We  constantly review the services that we provide to our members to ensure that we respond to changes in the markets we operate and are meeting the students’ needs. The student accommodation landscape in Hull has changed since the creation of HullSTARS five years ago. 


Over the last three years the accommodation landscape in Hull has changed since the creation of HullSTARS, the University has developed its on campus accommodation offer, the quality of many properties has increased and the profile of University of Hull students has changed.   In response to this the way that HullSTARS operates will change for 2019/20 academic year.  


We will continue to develop and promote the HullSTARS review platform where you can search for reviews of student properties and rate your landlord. Our Advice Centre will also continue to provide housing advice and tenant support and we will support community cohesion projects to ensure that you live in harmony with your neighbours and local residents.


Currently, alongside this, landlords subscribe to HullSTARS to have their properties audited and given a HullSTARS rating. These stars are shown alongside the reviews on our website and many landlords display these in their properties. They are also shown on listings on This side of the service will no longer be active from September 2020.  


If you have any questions about this decision and future plans we put together please read our FAQ’s belowIf you have any additional questions please email  [email protected].


Find out more about HullSTARS here.



  • Why will HullSTARS no longer be running the accreditation side of the scheme?


We believe that the HullSTARS subscription, audit and accreditation services has had a positive impact on the quality of student housing in Hull and are proud of the contribution we have made. The accommodation landscape has changed significantly in the last three years and we are revising our services in order to ensure that HUU allocates its resources to most effectively meet student needs. The Board of Trustees are proposing to close the subscription, audit and accreditation side of the service in order to allocate resource within the organisation more effectively.


  • How will the Students' Union support students with accommodation?


We are committed to continuing to support our members with housing and accommodation concerns. We know that for many students accommodation is a significant part of the financial investment in higher education. Our support will include:

  • The continued development of the HullSTARS peer review platform, the platform currently includes over 4500 reviews of student properties allowing student to share their real experiences.

  • The Advice Centre will continue to support students to understand their rights and responsibilities when looking for accommodation and as tenants. We will increase the promotion and outreach of our services in this area with house hunting checklists, contract checks and tenancy issue resolution continuing.

  • We will continue our long-standing ‘don’t rush’ campaign to ensure that students have information about searching for accommodation and accommodation availability.   

  • We will continue to provide lettings through HUU Homes.


  • How will students know the difference between a good and bad property?


We encourage students to use guidance provided by the Advice Centre, information in the public domain and property reviews to make informed decisions regarding their housing needs. Factors include size, cost, location, the presence of safety features.


  • Will you still run the HullSTARS Awards?

During 2019 the awards will continue, future plans for awards will be explored as part of transition arrangements.


  • Will there still be a housing fair?

Events will focus on supporting you to make informed decision regarding their accommodation options. We do not propose to run a housing fair in the way we have done in recent years.

  • Will HullSTARS continue with the community work?

We are proud of the work HullSTARS has done on community cohesion, including waste management, this work is important to us and to the University. We are committed to working with Hull City Council, students and local community to address challenges.


  • Who will deal with issues with ‘bad landlords’ and examples of poor accommodation?


Our Advice Centre will continue to work with students to tackle any housing concerns they have. The Advice Centre do, and will continue, to make referrals to Hull City Council in cases where this is deemed necessary.



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